Cleaning Line Brief Introduction

Basic Info

Certification : ISO
Place : China

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Product Introductions

Vegetable and Fruit Cleaning Line

Main processes (include but not limited to the follows)

Process in line


l   Transfer conveyor

Material transfer

l   Sorting Conveyor

manual sorting

l   Elevator Conveyor Lift

Material transfer

l   Cleaner

one or multi stages cleaner (washing )

l   Blanching and cooking

For blanching before quick-freezing and dehydration.  

l   Vibration Dewater

To remove the surface water before drying or freezing

l   Drying

suitable for the drying of surface water

l   Grading

For grading with different size.

l   Freeze Drying

Under low temperature freezing and vacuum condition

l   pasteurization

Sterilization at low temperature with hot water as medium

Flow sheet

Sill-take cleaning and sorting line

Dehydrated Vegetable Processing


Kelp Cleaning Porcess

Jujube Cleaning Process Main Machines

Maca cleaning

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