50Kg/H Small Scale Semi-Automatic Potato Chips Making Machine

Basic Info

Model : HFM500
Price : 8500
Minorder : 1 PCS
Supplyability : 4 SET/MONTH
Payment : T/T ,L/C
Port : Qingdao port, Chian
Certification : ISO,CE
Brand : Honest
Place : Shandong,China
Packaging : Wooden case

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Product Introductions

small potato chips French fries production is a good business in grocery, retail store, supper market, restaurant, etc.

Semi-automatic potato chips processing machines are of lower price and suitable for small manufacturers.

1.1 Design Technical Data

Final Chips
Fresh Potato
Oil Consumption
Fresh water Consumption

1.2 Operation Technical Data

Potato Chips

French Fries

Blanching time:

7-15 minutes

7-15 minutes

Blanching temperature:



Frying time:

6 minutes

8-10 minutes

Frying temperature:



1.3    Main Potato Chips Processing Machines

Potato washing and peeling machine     

    It is suitable to remove the thin peel of root vegetables like potatoes, carrots etc.


   Potato Chips Slicing Cutting Machine

   1. Good machines in potato chips and French fries manufacturing production.

         2. Helpful cutting device in large labor workload restaurant.


1.      Potato Chips/French Fries Frying Machine

1.      1. Adopts oil-water mixture technology which can save oil and power consumption.
      Oil and water are automatically separated after mixing, oil on the top to fry food, water at the bottom to receive waste.
  2. Frying temperature can be controlled freely
 3. Over-temperature protection device for operation safety


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